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Eyebrows Tattooing


This is the most natural way to have full looking perfect brows. It is performed with a tiny blade that creates perfect hair like strokes into the brows.  Microblading process can take up to 3 hours with consultation

Mmorr Twinning Beauty - Combination Brows

Powder Brows / Ombré Brows

This procedure is perfect for those who love to wear smudged proof and heavier make up as it creates a fuller look compared to Microblading. This procedure can take up to 2 – 3 hours.

Mmorr Twinning Beauty - Powder / Ombré Brows

Combination Brows

Combination brows are similar to powder brows but placed some hair strokes in the front with Microblading to give the brows a more natural look.  Combination Eyebrow Tattooing can take up to 2 hours

Mmorr Twinning Beauty - Combination Brows

EyeBrows Correction

This procedure performs to those who had previously eyebrows tattooed but needs to be fixed or has faded out. Extra care and pigment are needed to cover the tattoo. In some circumstances, the tattoo may need to be removed to achieve the best result.

Mmorr Twinning Beauty - Brows correction

Recommended Perfection Touch-Ups

Ideally performed between 1 to 2 months after the first procedure eyebrows procedure;

* $300 – Done between 1 to 2 months (Our recommendation)
* $400 – Done between 2 to 4 months
* $500 – Done between 4 to 6 months

Note: touch-ups are not performed later than 6 months from the original procedure.


Eyebrows Tattooing


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